Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Latest Happenings

The lastest news from the Jason Johnson clan. Mya is finally over the sickness that was ailing her for weeks. Brianna continues to be more crazy than ever. Adam still just as cute as can be still does not crawl. He would like to and does try but I think its because of the huge belly he has to carry around with him. He does sit up. When he gets on his belly he can scoot in circles but he's just lazy. Hopefully he'll figure out the crawling thing soon. He's our late bloomer.

Mya's 4 year photo shoot. These are
the best ones in the bunch. She is
quite the poser.

In preschool Mya gets to cut out shapes
and things and Brianna has to do whatever
Mya does so. I went and got them a little pair
of scissors so they can cut shapes together.
They only cut when supervised of course.

"What the heck is this huge thing in my mouth"

Adam loves to play with his tounge.

Such a cute happy chubby cheeked baby.

As for Jason and I. Jason is starting a new Job next week in Reno. So we are giving our 30 days notice tommorow to our apartment managers and will be out by the end of March. Until things are ready for us in Reno we will be living with My parents. Jason will work one day a week here and 4 days a week in Reno. He'll come back here for the weekends. Our hope is to Be completely moved to Reno by the end of April. We are excited for this move, and will deffinately miss the convenience of being so close to both his parents and my parents. Thanks goodness the drive is only a couple to hours.