Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally a new update!

Okay, so here's an update without pics sorry. I had some real cute pictures to post of the girls but Brianna being her usual destructive self decided to put our digital camera in the pool and its dead. But anyhow. Mya got her first hair cut this week. Yes it really is her first. She is three and a half almost 4 years old. I just couldn't bring myself to cut her long curly locks but I finally broke down and had her aunt Rachel trim it for us. It is still pretty long though. Brianna continues to drive me crazy. She is two years old and you can deffinately tell. Baby Adam is due in 1 week although we hope he comes sooner. Jason and I are doing well we just celebrated our 5th anniversary. It is so nice living close to family so they can watch the girls while we go out. Wow, five years and three kids. Many times we find ourselves wondering, "What were we thinking". But all in all we're getting along. Hopefully we'll have a camera so we can post pictures next time.