Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy, Busy Week

Last week was a busy one with lots of exciting events. It started with Chris coming home from his mission. We spent the morning of Tuesday at the airport and then at home with him the rest of the day. On the way home, we all made a stop at the Sacramento Temple since Chris had never seen it or been there since it was constructed and dedicated. That is where Paul, as Stake President released Chris from being a full-time missionary. The Watkins had a BBQ that night for friends and family which George catered with Filet Mignon in the Dutch oven and London Broil. Good food and good company.

Mya was so excited for Chris to come home. She gave him a big hug, of course after Dena got her hug (it's a maternal right to hug her son first), and loved to hold his hand.

It was great to have everyone at the temple and to have Chris be able to tour the temple outside and in. Paul worked his magic so that Chris got a tour from one of the temple PFR guys although the temple is currently closed for renovations.

As you can see it was very emotional for Chris (and the women) when Paul released Chris and had to remove his name tags. It's hard to have someone tell you that you no longer have the calling and power that you have dedicated two years of your life to, especially as one as rewarding and challlenging as being a missionary.

Then later that week, our family piled into my Jeep and we took Chris and Ben Cox up to the mountains and did a little four-wheeling. We had to make sure that Chris used his truck appropriately since no one had taken it out wheelin' for two years. It was time to get it dirty.

Sunday was the day that we blessed Adam. We were fortunate to have most of our family there for it. It was an awesome experience to bless my son and to have so much Priesthood power around him as an example to him from family members.From left to right: Rendell Johnson, Ben Cox, Ryan Johnson, Matt Wooden, Kevin Johnson, Jason and Adam, Paul Watkins, Chris Watkins, Kerry , Cal Reynolds, Bryan Zufelt, Derek Carter, and Rendy Johnson.

Monday Mya started pre-school. She loves it. She was sooooo excited to start school. She enjoys all the fun activities they do. She is such a smart little girl and loves to talk. Her sentences keep getting better and better. She communicates like a grown up.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Weekend Getaway

I took off early from work on a Friday and headed up to Fordyce Lake off of I-80. I took the chance to get away by myself for a day and camped alone. As you can see, I played on the rocks for awhile on Friday.

Then on Saturday I hiked around and simply took in the scenery. It was very relaxing and beautiful.

This is a pretty gnarled tree that sat at the top of a granite outcropping. I thought it looked cool. There is something intriguing about barrenness.