Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kids enjoying their quad

The kids enjoyed riding their quad at my expense. Mya ran into me and I had to chase them as they rode around. No, it was a blast and it was fun to see them learning how to control the quad: Push the throttle and then hit the brake back and forth, riding in circles or not turning at all. They'll get it. It was fun to see.

Out for some practice

We took the kids out so they could ride their quad. The girls had fun but Adam could not get enough. He chased me down to try and climb on. He loved it. Here's some pics.

Bad Week for Injuries!

So Mya throws a rock and it hits Brianna in the back of the head. She got a nice little gash on her head. Then Mya tries to carry Adam across the bridge on the playground and drops him on his face. He got some nice purple bruises on his chin and cheek and a little on his forehead. Our kids are battered and bruised.

These are not proof that we abuse our kids. They do it to themselves or to each other.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We've got a performer!

Brianna was so cute this morning. She said she wanted to practice her singing. She went and got a piece of paper from the printer and sat down at the dinner table and "wrote her music". She got a chair and brought it over to the keyboard and sat her music up. She started to play and sing. It was so cute! She is definitely our musically inclined child. She has a very good voice and knows how to inflect for different tones. Brianna loves to sing and Mya loves to dance. We'll see if we can get some of Mya's dancing on video too.

What's Happening?

It's been a couple or three weeks so, here is an update. We've been doing the usual day-to-day stuff and having a bit of fun on the weekends. Two weeks ago we went back to California and spent some time with both families since Jared and Chris (with his girlfriend marianne) were home for a couple of weeks. Saturday we spent time with Jason's family up at Coloma on the American River. That's some cold water. Adam was helping Leslie fold clothes.
Playing a little bit of catch in the sun.
Dirty boy. Adam sure loved it though. He didn't care for how cold the water was. He would lift his feet out of the water.
A little dirt never hurt.

Cute kid.
Dena and Mike got some good pictures of the kids.
A classic laugh by Mya. She sure has her dramatic phrases and laughter.
Last week Paul and Dena and Mike came out for the Labor Day weekend. We went for a short hike at Galena Creek park and tried to get to the "Best of the West" Rib Cookoff but only got to IN-N-OUT before they had to head home.

The girls had a great time playing with their Uncle Mikey.