Sunday, August 28, 2011

No more Hospitals PLEASE!

So when we returned from our trip to Arizona Maddy started complaining that her Belly hurt. At first I was just thinking that she was tired as we all were since we had just returned home from our trip. It kept persisting and then I started to think that she was either gassy or constipated. She started complaining of pain on Sunday afternoon. The pain was very sporadic. She would be complaining one minute and the next minute she was fine and running around and playing. I knew something wasn't right when she woke up on thursday morning and wouldn't eat or drink anything. I started by just taking her to urgent care. They could tell that she was in pain but was not running a fever or anything. They sent us to the ER for a "Full work up". After blood test, Urine test, and an x-ray. They concluded that she was dehydrated. They started her on and IV and then told me they were going to do more investigating because they could tell something just wasn't right. ( I later found out that the original xray showed a small bowel obstruction.) They then proceeded to do a ct scan. What they thought they saw in the ct scan in that her small intestine was "malrotated" They then ordered an upper GI test. After the upper GI test they admitted her to the Peds. floor and the next morning they did a lower GI test. After the lower GI test they concluded she had something called "Intussusception". Which is where your intestines act like a telescope and they fold inside itself like a telescope. They then moved quickly and transported her to another hospital in Reno and had her in surgery very quickly to repair the intussusception. She was in PICU for a night to monitor her and moved her to the Peds floor when she was stable. She was released from the hospital on a monday. But the next day we took her right back to the ER because she spiked a fever that initially read 107.2. The ER sent her home once they got her fever down and did more blood tests. Everything came back n0rmal.

Once Maddy was feeling better she wanted to get out of bed and take a walk around the halls. But the IV came everywhere with her.

The only other thing she liked to do while in the hospital was watch movies. They brought in a tv with a vcr and dvd and she watched movies.

She is doing much better now and her incission looks great. She still complains of pain sometimes so we are watching that and if it doesn't go away we have been instructed to call the surgeon again. Her doc said worst case scenario is that it has folded in on itself again. The chance of this happening again is less than 5% chance. But I've learned that Worst case scenario is very possible. We're just praying that its not.

Summer Happenings!

I know it has been over a year but I am now finally getting around to updating our blog! We luckily got a new/used computer so I can now update our blog. The only pictures I have on this computer is what I've taken very recently that were on our camera. Our other computer locked me out and won't let me in to do anything. So there aren't to many pictures to show for this post.

To start off our summer the day the kids got out of school in June the kids and I took a trip to California to help out my sister Terie who had just had her baby. The baby was 3 months pre-mature. His name is Samuel. He is now almost 7 oz. and is getting ready to come home from the NICU in a week or so.

Our next trip was as a family to Utah for the 4th of July. We had fun hanging with my family and had the amazing opportunity to go to BYU's Stadium of Fire. The whole show was amazing. Brad Paisley, and David Archiletta performed. The fireworks gave me goose bumps.

Next we took a trip to Arizona the first week in August. Yes it was Hot but we had such a good time. Jason is currently working on his Masters Degree in Human Movement. He is doing it all online through AT Still University. They are located in Mesa AZ. Luckily my sister Emilie and her family lives their so when Jason had to attend on campus lectures for one week we were able to stay with them. The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and of course swimming. Granted the water was probably about 85 degrees but it was still fun.

Brianna started to learn to swim without a life jacket or water wings and did quite well.

Mya also learned to swim without any floaties. She is quite the fish. By the end of the week she was diving in and swimming so well. Without assistance.

Maddy started off the week by being terrified of being in the water without anyone holding her. She learned that with water wings she can float and have a great time. By the end of the week we could hardly keep her out of the pool she loved her new found freedom in the pool.
Adam made amazing strides as well. He started off by just sitting on the side putting his feet in the water he was so afraid of being in the water even with someone holding him. So I did what my nephews swim instructor did and just threw him in. Yes it was scary but it got him in and he also realized that he can float with the water wings and have a great time. He was swimming and floating all over the place by the end of the week.

I was so proud of my kids and all that they learned and accomplished.