Sunday, May 31, 2009

Oh the Pain!

I hurt really bad right now. I just got done (yesterday) running the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey.

So here's the scoop. The Odyssey is a 12 person relay. It is a 178 mile course that starts in downtown Reno and finishes there. However, it loops through Verdi to Truckee, to South Lake Tahoe, to Genoa, to Carson City, to Virginia City, back through Sparks to downtown again.

Each person runs three legs. It essentially is a 24-hour race. We finished in 26 hours, 26 minutes. You can check out the race details at Check out the Course page. I was runner 8. I had legs 8, 20, 32.

The worst one for pain and total body devastation was the second leg I had. It took me down Kingsbury Grade, 4.3 miles straight downhill. Half way down my calves started wrenching tighter and tighter. Once I stopped, my butt seized. I could tell my quads were tired but my calves were tied in knots. And they still are. That is what is killing me right now. Yeah my quads and glutes are tired and a little sore but I tell you what, it's like my ankles are fuzed.

My third leg was hard but I think it was hard because of how beat up my legs were from the second run. It was on the last one that I was thinking I don't want to run any more. The third run was half uphill and then half down. Even on the downhill I didn't want to run any more. At that point, everything hurts and you're exhausted from lack of sleep.

Here are my stats from each leg:
Leg 8:
Distance- 4.8 miles
Total Time- 37:06 minutes
Time ran- 6:02 pm
Speed- 7.76 mph
Pace- 7:45 minutes/mile

This was my easiest run. Through downtown Truckee. I should have run faster.

Leg 20:
Distance- 4.3 miles
Total Time- 27:40 minutes
Time ran- 2:31 am
Speed- 9.33 mph
Pace- 6:26 minutes/mile

This one was straight downhill. The elevation map shows some uphill, pfffffgh! There was no uphill! All down, all the way!

Leg 32:
Distance- 3.7 miles
Total Time- 28 minutes
Time ran- 9:44 am
Speed- 7.93 mph
Pace- 7:34 minutes/mile

This wouldn't have been so bad if I wasn't so beat up. There was a nice 2-mile climb then down.

Distance- 12.8 miles
Total Time- 92:46 minutes
Avg. Speed- 8.34 mph
Avg. Pace- 7:12 minutes/mile

I killed it on my second leg! Unfortunately it also killed me. Then I realized one of the guys I ran with ran that same pace on flat ground! For 6.2 miles! Then he ran 7.5 miles at a 6:45 minute/mile pace!

I did well for myself. I wanted to be able to have a 7:30 minute pace. I knew I would be sore, I just didn't think I would be this sore in my calves. Everything else is about expected though. It was a great challenge and something to show myself what I could do. We'll see if I get myself into any other races.

Here are some pictures Leslie took at the finish line. We meet up with the last runner about 100 yards out and we all run in together. We were missing a couple of our teammates in these.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Hair cut and other random pictures.

So I've been promising my sister that I would post pictures of my hair cut. When I went home for a visit a couple of months ago I got my hair cut to surprise Jason who randomly informed me that he thought I should get my hair cut. I asked him if he thought he needed a new wife. Jokeingly he replied "no well yeah now that you said something" So this is the end result.

Since the girls have learned how to ride there bikes without training wheels they had been begging for us to take them on a long bike ride. So Jason took Adam and the girls on a bike ride. Adam loved being in the back pack on the ride.

The Handsom men in my life!
Madelyn is such a happy smilely baby. Thank heavens.

Winnemucca Sand Dunes!

For Memorial day weekend we went riding in Winnemucca at some sand dunes and had a blast. We met Ryan and Rachel there who came out from Utah and Jasons Parents came out as well. The kids had a blast playing with AJ and Sarah whom they miss teribbly.

Adam going for a ride on the kids quad with daddy!

Wishing he could be one of the big kids and ride by himself.
He loved just sitting on the quad.

After a long day of playing in the sun it sure didn't take hime long to pass out!

What a big boy, he sure takes after his dad.

Adam sure loved playing with Sarah.
Sarah would take his lion and he would take her dolls.
It was sure fun to watch them play together.

Brianna is such a mom. She loved just walking around with Sarah
while she pushed her new dolls in the stoller that she got for her birthday.

AJ pretty muched mastered the quad this trip. He did well riding it all on his own. Here he is taking Mya for a ride.

AJ taking Brianna for a ride.

We got there Thursday night late and set up camp and went to bed.
When the kids got up us up at 6:00am they had a blast walking up the sand dune that was just behind our tent and sliding down it.

And of course Adam trying everything that the girls did.

Monday, May 4, 2009


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