Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Christmas 2008

We were lucky too be able to travel back to California to spend time with family. We spent a total of 9 days their for Christmas. Everyone was there from both families and we had a great time. The kids had a great time playing with there cousins and it was so nice for me too continue to recover.

Here's Mya, Brianna and Adam after opening the traditional Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve.

We had the great opportunity of blessing Mady while there for Christmas. It was great for us to be able to have all of our family there. Including my youngest brother Mikey and Jasons youngest brother Jared. They will both be leaving on missions in 2009.

Here is our latest family picture.


Sorry for not posting for a long time. I'm beginning to realize how little time I have to myself to do things. So here's an update on each of us starting with the oldest ( I guess thats me).

I spend my days cleaning, vacumming, doing laundry, doing dishes, breaking up fights, feeding a hungry baby every 2-3 hours, trying to keep my kids from killing each other, making dinner etc... By 7:30 we're reading scriptures, saying a family prayer and the girls are in bed. Then I feel like I can finally relax a little. Adam stays up with Jason and I so he can have some alone time too wrestle with dad. I'm recovering well from the horrific experience with the birth of Madelyn. But have another surgery Next Monday the 2nd to have the stent removed.

Jason is gone most of the day at work. I'vebeen lucky to be able to have him here in the morning to help get the kids breakfast so I can sleep in a little longer. He gets home about 7:30pm. He is looking for another Job right now due to hours being cut back at work. (no its not because of the economy either) He's been a great help with the kids.

Mya is now in CTR 6 in Primary and loves being the big sister. She recently gave a talk in Primary and did great. She is a very shy girl in large crowds and is also very very sensetive. So therefore we have lots of crying and whining associated with Drama in ours house. Between Mya and Brianna they cry and whine more that Adam does. She was so excited at Christmas when she opened up Heely's that she's been begging for. (Here she is opening up her heely's)

Brianna is now in Sunbeams and she is finally loving it. Her first sunday in sunbeams she cried and wanted to go to nursery. By the next week the Primary presidency was telling me that she will be fine in primary. I got too experience how Brianna is in Primary when I was there too help Mya with her talk. She has a comment for everything, and talks all the time. We now are trying to teach her to raise her hand and wait till she is called on. She asks every sunday if she can give a talk. Here she is just after she opened up her motorcycle helmet at Christmas. So now she and Mya have a helmet to go with there quad they got for last Christmas.

Adam is such a lover boy. He loves Nursery and doesn't every want to leave. He is finally learning more words although he still doesn't talk very much. His big thing now is too yell to get attention. He loves to chase Mya and Brianna all day long. He also loves to hold Mady. He does really well with her. He tries to sit on her every once in a while but for the most part he is pretty soft with her. Thanks goodness. That was my big concern.

Madelyn is such a sweet baby. She is happy and patient (thank heavens for that). She is a great sleeper at night too. She goes 6 hours on an average at night between feedings. She is awake alot more and smiles alot. Although she does look alot like Brianna did as a baby she definately doesn't have Briannas temperment. We are very grateful for that. We love Brianna but one of her is enough.

Our Funny Boy!

So I've been telling my family for a while that I would be posting this so after a month of not posting I'm finally getting around to it. Here's the story. A couple months back Brianna was pretty sick with the stomach flu, and after she had thrown up I had to give her a bath. Meanwhile Adam comes in saying Baba (Bath in his language). I was telling him that he couldn't because Brianna was sick and she needed to be alone this time. I then had to go get the shampoo from the other bathroom to wash Brianna and this is what I found when I returned about 30 seconds later.

I just love the inocent look on his face. Like he's saying "what did I do?" I guess thats what I get when I try to tell him no.