Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recent Events!

Yesterday my family stopped in for breakfast on there way to Provo. My not so little brother will be entering the MTC on Wednesday serving in the Mexico Guadalajara South Mission. It is always so hard to say goodbye for two years buy I know he is on the Lords errand.

Adam is quite the curious little boy and wants to experience everything. Especially when it comes to shaving like daddy.
Once again Adam also loves his baby sister Madelyn. Loves to hold her, lay down next to her and even sometimes sit on her. Luckily that doesn't happen all that often.

The girls love to help me clean the bathrooms. Hopefully this continues when they get older because I despise cleaning the bathrooms. Here they are cleaning there bathtub. Adam saw what they were doing and quickly ran to the kitchen to get a washcloth.
About a week ago Mya lost her first tooth. It had been loose for a couple of weeks and it finally got to the point where it was more of annusance for her and she let me pull it out. When she first discovered her loose tooth she came to me with Crocodile tears saying "Mommy my tooth is loose" I just had to laugh. I quickly consoled her and told her about the tooth fairy. She then became really excited. Her new nickname is toothless.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Brianna!

Yesterday was Brianna's birthday. She turned 4 years old. We can hardly believe how fast time flies, and how big she is getting. Everything for her is Princess right now. So the theme for her little party was Princess. We just held a little family party for her after church. We took her out shopping on Saturday to let her choose the things she wanted.

Notice the Barbie. I made her a Barbie cake. The cake is the dress part. It didn't quite turn out like the picture but hey it was my first try. To me it looked more like a pink Volcano with a Barbie sticking out of the middle.

Here is the finished product of her Barbie cake. It was a complete surprise for her wich was probably the best part. Notice the Princess crown, with earings and a ring, and a Princess watch. That is what she chose for her presents.

My Mom and Mikey came for a quick visit on Friday afternoon. My Dad was unable to be there but we still had a great time with them. Brianna got to open her present from them. She has wanted skate shoes since Mya got some for Christmas so she got a pair from Grandma, Grandpa and mikey. Thanks for coming we enjoyed the time spent even though it was short.