Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Kids

To Left: Remember 'Squints' from the movie
Sandlot. Adam often resembles him. The only
thing missing is the glasses. This is one of his
many funny faces that he makes. We were
finally able to catch it on camera.

Below: Brianna's Turns 3 years old in 1 Month so
I decided to see what kind of pictures I could take
of her instead of taking her to the studio and paying
an arm and a leg. Turned out pretty cute I think. Notice
the new hair cut. I decided to cut her hair to even it out.
It took forever. Not very fun to try and cut hair on a
little girl that can't sit still for anything. 2 and 1/2 hours
later it turned out pretty cute. My first time cutting long hair too.

Poor Mya has been sick for the last week. It started out as a cold and turned into the stomach flu.

Adam's 6 Month Photo Shoot.

When my sister Emilie was in town in January she
helped me take pictures of Adam for his 6 month Photo
Shoot. Here are the best of the best. Thanks again Ems for
all your help with these pictures.

This picture depicts what Adam does
all the time. One of his trademarks is sucking his
two middle fingers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2008 Family Update!

Sorry for such a long span between post. What a busy couple of months we've had. We are so excited to announce that Jason has graduated from CSUS in Kinesiology. He's excited to only be working full time and so are the rest of us because now we see him more often. We also just got news from Jason's Orthopedic doctor who performed surgery on Jason's wrist found that he is finally beginning to heal. After graduation we had Christmas, New Years and Then on the worst storm day yet in 2008 we celebrated the Marriage of Leslie's sister Terie to Morgan Young. The wedding was beautiful and the storm made it even more memorable. Especially for the Bride and Groom.

Mya and Brianna were flower girls in the wedding. They looked
so addorable. Thanks to There aunt Megan ( Jasons sister ) who
came over and did there hair. Here is Mya getting her hair done.

Here's me with Brianna and my dad aka.. Papa; doing our best to
stay warm while watching the Bride and groom drive off. That
was Mya's favorite part of the night. She had to chase them while
they drove away.

Our Little Man! Doesn't he look to cute for words in his Tux.

What a trooper he is. He sure didn't like wearing his Tux but

he tollerated it.