Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brief Update

Just to keep people coming back, I figured I would let you all in on what's been happening. Nothing much.
Well we went to Galena Creek Park which is a trailhead for three different trail loops. (I'll probably hit the trails and see how they are for all of you hikers. I know one is a 9 mile loop.) It is up Mount Rose highway heading into N. Lake Tahoe. It was nice. We went for a short walk (probably 1/3-1/2 mile) with the girls through the tree line. We got to the creek and let them play in it for a while. This is straight snow melt water and is COLD. Brianna and Mya weren't detered. They splashed and sat in it. Adam got his feet wet but promptly pulled them back out. It was nice to cool your feet off though.
This park is quite nice. It has tons of picnic/BBQ areas and tables with a couple of ampitheaters, a pond for fishing, an old stone building that was a fish hatchery in the early 1900's but now is a dinner hall. It's a pretty area just above the tree line with lots of pines all around. Sorry no pictures this time, we were just checking it out but I'm sure we'll go back.
Other than that we have been doing the normal things; work and kids (or work and more work).
Hope everyone is doing well. Leave us a message and let us know how you all are doing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jason's Health and Fitness Blog

Instead of using this blog for fitness/health postings I have decided to create another blog specifically for me to use to transmit health related information as well as give feedback to others. Please check it out and give me some feedback and post any questions you may have. I will have the link on this blog just above our family and friends blog links.
The URL address is
If you have any questions use the response option on the most recent post or email at

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy 4th and Happy Birthday Adam!

We spent Friday purchasing everything we would need for our camping trip. We then drove to Sparks and fought our way through a very slow, meandering flow of traffic and eventually found a spot where we could watch the Fireworks. We spent the next hour or so killing time. We didn't plan too well. No food or drinks or toys. Just an empty lot to run around in. The show was good and the kids enjoyed it except for a slight cool breeze once the sun went down (again, not so good planning, no jackets or blankets). We opened the back of the van and folded the seats down for some stadium seating. I think everyone in the area comes to watch this show. It is put on by John Ascuaga's Nugget Casino and Hotel. It is actually quite good. They have both towers shooting off fireworks and another station shooting off rockets from the ground.

Just so no one is wondering or worried, here is an udate on my clavicle. I had surgery and all is well as of two and a half weeks later. The scar looks good. I am quite surprised at how well the orthopod closed up the incision, al though at first glance it was longer than I anticipated. I should be in a sling for about a month or longer but over the vacation I refused to wear it and seem to be ok so far.

Still bruised more than a month later.

The incision is approximately 4 inches, running along the clavicle.

This is what it looks like on the inside. A titanium plate with 7 screws. As you can see it spans about 2/3 - 3/4 of the clavicle.

Here are a couple of photos that i didn't put on the vacation post.

Our "animal" with his little bear, waking up from his afternoon hibernation.Adam loves to go upside down and just generally rough house and wrestle. There's a reason why we call him "Animal".Father and Son having fun on the water. Man we look good in our hats. No wonder the ladies can't leave us alone.Adam taking a swim with Grandpa. Sorry about the pink floaties Adam, not my call.After our camping trip, we came back to California and saw Leslie's family before they took off to Saint George and then take Mike up to BYU-Idaho for his first semester. Good luck Mike!

Vacation on Topaz Lake

I have to apologize in advance for how jumbled this post is. It's all over the place but I don't want to repost it. Deal with it!

As you can tell, we celebrated Adam's first birthday while we were camping on Topaz Lake. He had fun, stuck his fingers in his cake, licked them off and went back for more. He also came out on the tube with me so we both could at least get a little ride in. Brave kid.

Mya was our little swimmer. She's starting to get the arm action but mainly does the doggy paddle wonderfully. She had a blast in the water.

She loved going on the tube and getting splashed and going over the bumps. She has gotten fearless on the tube. Well, almost. A couple of large wakes got her looking pretty serious.

Brianna surprised us all. She normally would cling to the sides of the Watkin's pool but she decided she wanted to be in the water and swim freely. She was all over the place. We definitely have some water loving kids.

The girls were relentless with granny. "Granny, swim with me". "Granny, float with me". "Granny, hold me". "Granny, eat with me". She was an awesome sport and probably wore herself out trying to please them.

We camped there Monday through Thursday. We had some wind come up occasionally since the lake is in the high desert just on the east side of the Sierra's. It was a lot of fun though. All of us got lots of sun and pretty much ended up different shades of red.
Now it's back to normal life. Could you all here the large, desperate sigh as I typed?