Sunday, October 21, 2007

Johnson family update!

Mya continues to love pre-school and is getting so smart. She is also a good little helper with Adam. She was able to participate in her first primary program today and did so well. She memorized her part practiced it all week and said it all by herself today. She and Brianna love to play pretend. They pretend everything. Its so fun to watch them grow and learn.
She is looking forward to halloween. She has decided to be Clifford the big red dog.

Brianna is our crazy child. She is constantly running and doesn't stop. Not even to sleep. We think she runs in her sleep. She loves to play dress up . We were given a bag of hand me down clothes from some relatives and as you can see they are 5 sizes too big for Brianna but that doesn't matter to her. She found this outfit all by herself shoes and all. We call her our hoodlum. She loves to help with Adam as well but isn't always so gentle. We've found her sitting on him and sticking her fingers in his eyes. Notice there are no pictures of Brianna holding Adam. She likes to hold him but Adam doesn't like it.

Ahhhh! So peaceful. (But look at that belly.) He is such a peaceful happy baby. The perfect number three child. When we first learned we were pregnant with Adam we were a little concerned what number three would be like after having Brianna. Heavenly Father new exactly what we could handle. He is so good. He doesn't usually cry. He loves to talk and laugh and is quite tickelish. He sleeps so well for us and has since the 3rd day home from the hospital. He goes usually 6 hours before getting up to eat and often times goes longer. And we are discovering now that he is a thumb sucker.

Our Pudge! That's his nickname given to him by his dad. "Pudge" He's got quite the belly on him as you can tell. He weighs about 16lbs and is over 25inches long. Only four pounds away from being too big for his infant car seat.

Okay for those of you who are wondering, no I didn't do this to him. He did this to himself 7 years ago on his mission playing ultimate frisbee. We decided it was time to get it taken care of finally. So about 7 weeks ago he had surgery on it. They took part of his Radius bone and put it up into the scaffoid bone (which is the bone that he broke) and put a screw in. He has since downgraded to a smaller cast. He had a "puss bucket" added on to it this last week. It is actually just a port to be able to place an ultrasound on his wrist to stimulate bone growth and healing. By Christmas we're hoping that he'll have his cast off. He has started school and we are looking forward to December because he is going to be graduating. Yeah!


Emilie said...

Yay, I love it. You should post more once a week. I can't believe how big all your kids are. The webcam and pictures don't do justice. Can't wait to see you all. Thanks for the new post. And yes, Pudge works well for Adam.

strum family said...

I love your post! I like seeing updates of your cute family. Adam is getting so big! The girls are so beautiful. Sounds like you are all keeping pretty busy! I am so jealous that Jason is done with school in December! Ryan won't be done with his MBA until DEC. '09...Ugggh. Hope you all have a fun Halloween!

The Warnick's said...

"Pudge" that is cute! I think he is bigger than Sydney! It looks like your hands are full! What a cute little family....

Gabriel & Emily said...

I've always adored seeing your cute family grow. Adam seems to be another perfect addition! I believe I hardly ever hear he or Aubrey crying at bedtime...unlike our experience with Briana and Ellie when they were tiny, huh?! heehee