Sunday, July 18, 2010

We're finally posting something!

After many long months we are finally posting something. In June we had the wonderful opportunity to make a much to quick of a trip to Zions National Park in Southern Utah to be with my moms family for the Keddington family reunion. It had been atleast 20 years since we had been together for the Keddington reunion. We got to see family we hadn't seen in years and we got to hear my grandmother talk about my grandfather that many of us did not have the opportunity to know because he passed away 30 years ago. It was so fun to be there. And to be with all my siblings but one who is still on his mission. (We miss you Mike.)

We enjoyed some very beautiful scenery in Zions. We hiked and played in the ranch where we were staying.

Adam playing in the water on our hike.

Mya and Brianna on the pony ride.

Mya is our dare devil and did the zip line. She loved it.

Miss Madelyn playing in the water.

Mya and Brianna our posers.

More beautiful scenery.

Adam sporting his new sunglasses.

The whole gang, except Mike.


Lori said...

Oh Yeah, check out the sunglasses! Mr. Cool.